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... an actual letter from a satisfied customer

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Andrew Klose
Casa Eleganze and Luxuria Homes

I had the pleasure of accidentally meeting Andrew approximately six years ago when I was showing a buyer a home he had just completed on Old New York Rd. in Galloway, NJ. My well educated and very particular buyer had been in the market for some time and had seen practically every new home in his price range in the area not liking anything he saw. The minute we drove up and saw Andrew's home he said "that's more like it." The house had instant street appeal and architecturally was superior to everything else we viewed. When my buyer stepped inside he was sold. He loved the towering entry, tumbled marble, chef kitchen and magnificent owners' suite just to name a few. He commented on the inviting open floor plan and overall a wonderful feeling about it. The house was functional and made sense.

Many builders construct a "big box" with a "cookie cutter" mentality in ugly developments. Andrew constructs a home that one is proud to own and call home. His passion for what he does is unsurpassed in the Industry. Andrew was on the job daily with a hands-on approach to getting the job done right the first time. He is a true perfectionist who takes pride in what he does and is a real winner. His attention to detail and his artistic ability sets him apart from the competition. His exceptional craftsmanship is second to none.

After meeting Andrew I went home and was so excited I couldn't wait to tell my wife and describe the home to her. Given the fact my wife was never moving from the home she loved for 20+ years she was a very tough sale. When my wife stepped foot inside Andrew's home 1 saw the look in her eye and knew she was hooked. She was so excited and impressed by the home and asked how soon can we move. She couldn't wait to build and counted every day until moving day. I had never experienced the new home construction process with a custom builder before and was clueless what to do next. Andrew's patience and wisdom guided us through the entire process from start to finish and was there holding our hands the whole way. We valued his expertise often saving us money on better priced alternatives. Our home was completed to perfection ahead of schedule just before the holidays and was the best gift we could have ever imagined. Our friends and families were so impressed by our beautiful new home it made us proud.

Andrew's homes sell themselves I tell everyone it takes 15 minutes to sell a home and a Casa Eleganze is an easy sale. Take a look at everything out their then look at Casa Eleganze. He builds a home that stands out in the crowd and a home one buys for a lifetime. Casa Eleganze reminds me of the credit card commercial where they illustrate things in life which are " priceless." Life is hard enough. I need peace and sanity when I go home at the end of the day. My home has made me happy and fulfilled. The home is warm, inviting and functional. I see how this home has changed my families quality of life and know I made the right decision by investing in my families future.

We couldn't be happier and highly recommend Casa Eleganze.


Robert M. Shamberg,
Owner / VP Sales
Prudential Diversified Realty

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