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... an actual letter from a satisfied customer

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I am a homeowner in Galloway who felt compelled to tell a brief story about my experience with Casa Elegance and more specifically Andrew Klose. Although I have owned several homes, I had up to this point never built a custom home by scratch and needed sound advice and someone I could trust. Friends and acquaintances in general told the horror stories about builders to me on a daily basis. I would never have thought that my ally and advisor on all things would end up to be my builder himself.

Andrew Klose took a personal interest in every aspect of the building of my home, which most builders would do, however Andrew took a personal interest in me which most builders would not do. Andrew understood my concerns fears and lack of knowledge in the building of my home and reassured me every step of the way. He explained thoroughly and consistently each step of the building process and never let me feel like 1 was wasting his time or made me feel silly for asking any question. Andrew and 1 were true partners in the building process and as stressful as it was he made it fun most of the time.

Andrew's attention to detail and relentless pursuit of the perfect home shows in his work. He has shown my home to perspective buyers on many occasions and one can see the pride he has as he walks through his handiwork. I am certain that there are better built homes somewhere in this country but 1 have never been in one. I am thrilled with his workmanship and any guests I have had in my home are blown away.

I am the type of person who likes change and although I cannot picture ever leaving my magnificent home there is only one person I would have build the next one; Andrew Klose. I am honored to have had him build my home but more honored to call him friend.

Michael Cammarasana
Galloway, N.J.

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